4-Wheel Alignment Special

Audi is the world’s number one selling luxury vehicle, known for giving passengers a superior driving experience.  You are not fully taking advantage of your Audi if you wheel alignment is off. Come to McDonald Audi and save $40 when you get your wheels aligned. Our March service special offers Audi customers a wheel alignment according to factory specs and visual tire and wheel check for $119.95.


The Audi TDI clean diesel engine

Who says you have to choose between luxury and fuel efficiency? Audi doesn’t think you have to, that’s why they offer TDI clean diesel engine. That’s right, diesel, no longer a dirty word. Diesel no longer has the connotation of a large truck or horribly unaffordable.

Now diesel can be associated with the green automotive movement. Diesel actually has a 12% lower CO2 emission than regular gasoline. With the Audi TDI clean diesel engine you now have the ability to go more than 640 miles per tank—that’s almost enough fuel to get to Las Vegas from Denver!

This clean technology is not only good for the environment but it is great for your wallet. Take a look at the different Audi models that are currently offered with a clean diesel engine. If you are interested in an Audi of your own, visit Denver’s Audi dealership, McDonald Audi!


Don’t forget to change your winter tires

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time for you to start thinking about changing your winter tires, Colorado! Winter tires are made to specifically handle the cold weather conditions but are not recommended during the warmer seasons.

You wouldn’t wear snow boots to the beach so why would you expect your car to keep its winter tires on during a hot Colorado summer. They have a distinct tread pattern that is intended to help better equip your car so it can grip the road in snow and ice, to keep you safe. They are also made out of a softer rubber material that is great for conforming to the shape of the road in cold weather but not so great to have in warmer temperatures.


Summer tires, or sometimes known as “three season” tires are high performance. They have a different compound make up than snow tires. Summer tires are intended for hot and dry conditions. They have a different tread pattern than winter tires to allow the driver to have better control over the road.

By switching your tires form summer to winter you can extend their life expectancy. By having tires that are designed for the specific season you are helping make the road a safer place, by lowering the risk of causing an accident due to sliding or losing control of the road.
Schedule an appointment at Denver’s, McDonald Audi to get your new set of summer tires!

$159.95 All-Wheel Alignment Special*

You could be losing a great deal of money if your wheel alignment is off, not to mention you are not getting the full Audi experience. Colorado is a beautiful place and should be enjoyed in comfort and style. Audi’s are superior luxury vehicles that give the passenger a smooth driving experience. Give your Audi the proper care it deserves; give yourself the experience you deserve by taking advantage of our special offer of getting your wheels aligned for only $159.95 at your Denver McDonald Audi. Schedule an appointment today!


Denver Audi Maintenance Special

Save up $100 on any schedule maintenance package from your Denver Audi Service Center at McDonald Audi. Whether your Audi need new brake pads, or transmission repair, we are here to help you! Our Audi service technicans are trained and certified to repair Audi and know exactly what it takes to get the job done.

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Denver Audi Alignment Discount

There are times when you know your wheel alignment is off. Perhaps you have noticed that your Audi pulls to one side of the road. or maybe your steering wheel is not straight up and down when your hands are positioned at 10 and 2. Or your tires might squeal when you’re turning. Then again, sometimes a wheel alignment problem is so subtle you can’t even feel it. Come see us for an alignment. Together, we’ll make your car endure – for the long haul. And with night and weekend hours at most stores, keeping your car keeping on has never been easier – or more convenient.

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McDonald Audi Announcement – Audi Owner Appreciation Event tonight!

Audi New Owner Event

McDonald Audi is looking forward to seeing you this evening!  At McDonald Audi - soon to be Audi Denver - we want to show our new Audi owners how much we appreciate them and welcome them into the Audi family! That’s why we hold our Owner Appreciation Events that provide an evening of hors d’ouvres, drinks, product demonstrations and plenty of giveaways!  The dress is always casual and upon your arrival, we will provide valet service for your convenience and you will be given a colored lanyard. We look forward to seeing you again and showing you some things about your Audi that might surprise you!